Support Heart Health And

A Strong Immune System

Our jumbo cashews will give your health a jumbo boost! They are high in antioxidants, iron, zinc, and magnesium, which will give your body the nutrients needed to support heart health, brain health, and improved immune system, and reduced inflammation.

Perfectly Portable Snack

Our mini bags are perfect to pack in your kids’ lunch boxes (you will be the best parent ever!) and they also make a great high-protein snack for sports games or family trips. And our large bags are perfect for sharing at family events, birthday parties, and sporting events.

Dry Roasted To Seal

In Their Rich Flavor

All of our cashews are dry roasted in their skins to lock in that delicious crispy texture. With every bite, you will get a flavor sensation. You can pop them right in your mouth, skin and all, or peel the skin for a smoother texture.

No Added Ingredients

Our premium cashews are a snack that you can feel good about eating every day. Just two simple ingredients – sea salt and cashews. No artificial flavors, no chemicals, no GMOs, just pure natural flavor for all ages to enjoy.

Why We Do What We Do

We are passionate about nuts, and we are passionate about introducing our customers to the highest-quality premium cashews on the market. At You Are Nuts, we want to promote health and wellness with our wholesome cashews that taste rich and indulgent. Nutrition never has to be boring with a snack this delicious! No fillers, no chemicals, no ingredients that you can’t pronounce. Just simple, decadent goodness.