Improve Your Strength And Fitness Recovery With The Perfect Energy Boost

Looking for an amazing post-workout recovery snack? Nuts are one of the best choices to refuel your body after a tough sweat session! A handful of delicious jumbo cashews is the perfect recovery snack and can even be paired with your favorite protein shake, or a small serving of a healthy carbohydrate, to assist in optimal muscle repair and synthesis.

The high amount of protein in nuts helps repair muscle fibers, boost muscle mass, and give you an energy boost if you’re feeling weakness or fatigue. Just one ounce of cashews contains about 4 grams of protein, perfect as a small snack to hold you over until your next meal.

After your body loses sodium and potassium through the sweat that is expelled during a workout, the natural sea salt in our dry-roasted cashews can help replenish your body’s sodium and hydration levels. Although too much salt is definitely not a good idea, sodium is an important part of a balanced diet, especially in individuals who have an intense workout schedule, or elite athletes who spend many days of the week performing heavy athletic training or weight lifting. The controlled amount of natural salt in our dry-roasted cashews is perfect to aid water retention throughout your body and restore optimal hydration levels.

The potassium in nuts also helps regulate your water balance and prevent muscle cramping both during and after exercise – and cashews have 160 mg of potassium per ounce! Our jumbo premium cashews can be enjoyed right from the bag, or combined in homemade trail mix with some dried fruit or raisins, and maybe a few chocolate chips or coconut flakes.

Throw a few of our mini bags in your gym bag, or keep some in your gym locker, so they are always on hand to refuel your body after a tough sweat session!


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