Nuts Are Quite Possibly The Perfect Travel Snack

We’ve all taken endless road trips, or have been stuck in a car in a remote location, with no snack shops, restaurants, or convenience stores in sight. And what’s the one thing that gets you through those looooong trips (besides patience and a good music play list)? SNACKS! That’s right, snacks are essential to fend off those hunger pangs, keep your energy up, and hold you over until you finally stop for dinner. But not just any snacks will do. These snacks need to be non-perishable, shelf-stable, and preferably something that won’t spill or leave stains on your car seats. Oh, and they should be healthy, right? There are only so many potato chips, candy bars, and chocolate-covered granola bars that a person can eat. So, yes, that limits the options quite a bit. And you may be asking, well, what’s another great option?

The simple and resounding answer is – NUTS! Yes, those delicious, crispy, and crunchy favorites that have a whole bunch of nutrients, lots of protein, and are utterly tasty too. They are vegan, Kosher Parve, gluten free, and non-GMO, and can satisfy a full carload of people that have different dietary needs or sensitivities.

And when you take along the from You Are Nuts on your next road trip or vacation destination the whole family will thank you! Sold in big bags, medium bags, and even mini bags, these nuts are a universal pleaser. Your kids will be so busy snacking on these fresh, salty, and delicious treats that they may even stop asking “Are we there yet?”


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