About Us

We pride ourselves in giving our customers the most delicious nuts on earth with our natural, premium dry roasted jumbo cashews. With only cashews and sea salt, we offer a premium flavor experience with the bonus of wholesome nutrition in every package.

We are all a little bit nuts about nutrition!

Why You Are Nuts?

When you bite into our jumbo cashews, you are not just getting a nut. You are getting an EXPERIENCE. Once you’ve tasted the rich, buttery goodness of our jumbo premium cashews, you will never look at this simple snack quite the same way again.

We have crowned the mighty cashew the king of all nuts, packing a powerful punch with delicious taste and healthy nutrients that will give you the perfect energy boost. You Are Nuts uses only the best cashews on earth, so large and decadent that you may want to keep them all to yourself. But we promise that sharing is the best way to enjoy!

Simple Ingredients

Dry roasted cashews and sea salt. It doesn’t get more wholesome than that! A satisfying crunch that will leave your mouth bursting with luscious natural flavors and crispy goodness.


They are dry roasted right in their original skin, sealing in the crispy and delicious flavor until you peel it back for a snack experience that will leave you wanting more!